Every Situation in Life is a Present

Every situation in life is a present from God, Providence, Nature, Good Forces or whatever you believe in. Sometimes the gift is wrapped in a shiny glazed colourful cover, and we call this gift “good times”. Still, other times the gift is wrapped in an ugly and rough sheet. This we call bad times.

We must need to have courage, patience, trust and industry to peel off the cover and find the real gift inside.

Every problem and obstacle brings with it the opportunities of the same amount or to any degree higher than the challenge faced. The obstacles are actually the stepping stones which take us to real success. These are all there for us to learn from.

We must see all the problems, not as obstacles but as challenges. These challenges are not there to break us. They are there to reveal to us our real character and strengths. Let all the difficult challenges in our life come to know that we are difficult too. We are not here to back down but to deliver such a severe blow to shatter them to pieces.

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