Adieu to Swordsman of Indian Batting

It has ended. Sword has been sheathed.

Different conceptions get created while watching different batsmen displaying their craft. Dravid manifested strokes using chiselled technique. Sachin delivered poise. Sourav’s was stroke playing at its best. Gayle doesn’t bat, he belittles bowlers while Gibbs disrespected bowlers to the fence. Dhawan mocks bowlers. Sehwag chewed them. Mahi finishes. Rohit slows time down. Preparedness forth comes in Virat’s batsmanship. Hardik funs while batting and Uthappa enticed.

Among these one player whose batsmanship mirrors swordsmanship is Yuvraj. He didn’t stroke instead brandished his bat like a sword while batting. His arrival on the international batting scene can be termed “Arrival” itself. Australia was a monster cricketing country those days. A warrior brings monsters down with his sword. He did this with bat against Australia in his batting debut.

He fetched home two World Cups – ICC T20 2007 and ODI 2011, being one of the top performers in both. His battle with cancer and eventual victory over it is also an inspiration for Indian youth. In a way he cut cancer again with his swording prowess. He describes his life in his autobiography – The Test of My Life.

Let’s wish Yuvraj for all his future endeavours as he announced his retirement from international cricket on 10 June 2019.

Jai Hind. Bleed Blue.

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