It’s Really Important to Know One’s Strength.

Elephant has more strength than a lion. Nevertheless, lion is considered the king of jungle. Most people admire an elephant more than a lion. Lion is a beast, literally even, while elephant is a peaceful herbivore. Elephant also has more strength than a lion.

The thing I am talking about may be only figurative but still it brings home an important point.

Lion looks more aware of itself and its strength while elephant is more of a happy-go-lucky animal and unaware of its humongous strength. This self-knowledge gives a lion its assurance which is lacking in an elephant. This awareness about its strength make lion a more daring and intrepid animal and crowns it with the title of a king.

“Know thyself” – as they say. It should be added to this statement – “Know thy strengths first”.

Most people are grappling with their weaknesses. While it is important to know our weaknesses and remove them, it is more important to know our strengths. Knowing one’s strengths, a person becomes assured that he has something to fall back upon if things don’t work around. It also gives a sense of self-confidence and may also provide him with a livelihood where his strengths are the best-fit.

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