Just Start Doing it

We have to do a work. We have to shave our beard and our moustache with it. We want to call a friend and have some nice chitchat.

What do we so? We wait. We wait for some seconds, then some minutes, then a hour or two passes.

Our lives have become so stuck that even calling a lovely friend looks like a task that we don’t do instantaneously. We know talking with that friend is not a chore, it will actually be a fascinating thing for the day. What do we actually do? We procrastinate even in things that is surely going to bring happiness at both ends of the waves.

Actually, the panacea for this is to make a habit of starting the task at once. If there is nothing to be thought about or plan for that particular task, we must start doing it at once. These things should not wait just for the sake of waiting.

We will find that the call we were dilly-delaying on came out to be a wonderful experience. The blog post we were fearing to start, gave us immense satisfaction on its completion. The office work we started working without delay provided us a pat on our back, from ourselves every time and may be from our bosses.

This practice will build a real strength in our character. The starting few seconds are the crucial one. It is not as if we cannot start if we lose this early period but starting at once gives a sense of control. It nourishes the soul. Waiting for no reason actually feeds the ego.

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