Projecting Wrong Things About Yourself Is a Recipe for Disaster

Psychology teaches us that humans live life considering their false self to be their true self. Some people shelve their false selves which is often based on ego while others hang on to their false shelves. Both categories of people can be found at every domain of life.
Even people maintaining their false selves can be successful outwardly.

Another division between people is of being top-dog and under-dog. There are some people who play top-dogs and others play under-dogs. The people who play top-dog behave as if they are better than others. Under-dogs behave as if they are worse than others.

Under-dogs project a state of diffidence and so-called top-dogs show a false confidence to others which is actually a type of inferiority complex. These are not real identities of us, and we fall into troubles when other catch on to these false projections.

It is really difficult to change ourselves, but we can start by not showing false images of ourselves. If we can have a face which doesn’t show our false identities, then at least people will not catch on to it, and we will be less troubled in this world.

I have found many people practice this approach to various degrees of success. The benefit is that we are saved from dramas of the people around us and can concentrate on the goals at hand.

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