The Pleasure Of Junk Food Leads To Pain Later

The junk food culture has literally taken over the world. Pizzas, burgers, fuzzy drinks etc are like the escape for many people to make up for their unhappy lives. It has been said we crave junk food because these foods give temporary pleasure that every person craves for.

There is a principle of pleasure and pain. Humans tend to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. Nevertheless, there are some pleasures that lead to pain later. There are some pains that lead to pleasure later. Working hard at studies is one such pain. Working out in gym is another one. Similarly, having junk food is a type of pleasure that leads to pain later.

Only humans have the intelligence to make right choices. We humans can discipline ourselves in the present to enhance our enjoyment in the future. We humans can take some temporary pain in the present to enhance our pleasure in the future. We can also forgo some pleasure in the present to avoid pain in the future.

Using the discipline of taking some temporary pain or forgoing pleasure in the present, we can make our lives better. Most people with good jobs later have been good students. They worked hard initially. Similarly, the people with near-perfect bodies forgo the pleasure of junk food to make themselves fit later. It is another matter that they advertise these junk foods later for money.

We also feel better when we use our discipline muscle. Even a five minutes of discipline releases feel good chemicals in our brains and our mind feels good. We need to strive to get this happiness and feel-good of discipline rather than indulging in things like junk food or too much of social media.

If we want to feel energetic in our bodies, we need to remove junk food from our eating lists. It is much better to take care of our diet, but we can start by not having junk food and doing some exercise daily.

Thanks for reading and have a happy life.

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