When Willpower Doesn’t Work …

Willpower is definitely the ultimate power. A man possessed of immense willpower can work wonders not just in his life but in life of others as well. Everyone has some willpower but most people don’t have that in great amount. There are very few people who possess forceful willpower. When the reliance on willpower is not working in your life, then one must resort to other means in the meanwhile.

Life is not just one thing. There are many traits that a person must have to be successful. Many times people rely on their hard work and willpower. These are ultimate powers but constant focus on them and constant failures because of not being able to use these traits create frustrations and depression.

Let’s say one wants to study a lot for an entrance examination but his willpower is such that he is studying very little. Constantly thinking in mind that one has low willpower may create a situation in which the person may not even utilize the little he has. One of the solutions to this challenge can be to make the subject interesting. He may make it a fun thing to do. He may take breaks. Playing music while studying can be tried. Studying with a group has helped many. One may use colourful notes and interesting props. Anything that suits one. I know that a lot of us know these strategies but a few among us remain stuck in mental rut of using only hard work and willpower.

Many times the problem is not of willpower. It can be one’s mental quirk. When one knows himself well and knows which things work for him, he can cruise along at an optimum speed. Will power is also like a muscle. We have to constantly keep at our work, and as a result we develop enough willpower muscle. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that one should focus solely on developing willpower. Willpower like any other thing will take time to become strong. In the meanwhile, results are needed. So one should work on other strategies to get the results.

Take care.

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