How can you make space in Gmail by deleting promotional and social emails?

Recently, I faced a problem. My Gmail memory space had become full. I solved this problem by deleting the emails from the Social and Promotional folder in my Inbox. Now, many people will not know how to select all the emails from a folder aka Social or Promotional. Actually, it is very simple to select all the emails and delete them in one go.

Please follow the steps as follows:

  1. Click on the Social folder tab in Inbox.
  2. We know there is a checkbox before every email. Also, there is a checkbox for selecting all the emails on that page. Click on this checkbox.
  3. You will find a message – “All the hundred conversations on this page are selected”. Next to it you will find – “Select all 18,149 conversations in Social”. Click on it.
  4. Then you will find a message – “All 18,149 conversations in Social are selected”.
  5. Click on the delete icon to delete.
  6. It will ask a confirmation, click OK.

It will take some time and all the emails in Social folder will be deleted.

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