Don’t Try to be the Centre of Universe, Instead Try to be in the Centre of Your Own Life

When a child is born, she considers her to be the centre of the Universe. She thinks that the Universe revolves round her. Some people when they grow mature start understanding and realizing that the Universe doesn’t definitely revolves around them and they change their mindset. Nevertheless, there are many people who never reach even this level of maturity. They live their lives and transact all their lives thinking that the Universe must revolve round them. These people become a pain in the ass for other people and also for themselves.

Thinking that you are the centre of the Universe gives only pain to you and the people around you. We must have understanding, humility and humbleness to recognise this fact that there are more than 8 billion people in earth alone. Who knows may be there are many alien races out there? The expanse of the Universe is so great. I am not saying that a human is not powerful. In my view, a human being is infinite. My contention against considering ourselves to be the centre of Universe is philosophical, psychological and spiritual. I actually believe in the maxim that – “We are not a drop in the ocean but a ocean in a drop”. Actually, I am singling out the selfishness we are born with and we consider that Universe has to comply with all our selfish needs. Yes, we can have real needs. Even getting a big house or a good car is not that much of a selfish need if the person is mature enough. The problem is many people are actually grabbing things to fulfil their selfish wants without maturing enough to realise that it may hurt others and also that there are better means and ways to aquire things.

Maturity is to develop a prosperity mindedness and believing that there is enough for everyone in this world. Such broadmindedness is needed to live with peace and happiness. A self-serving person cannot really be happy. People who have shared with others have found the real happiness and they are more contented. People are more responsive to them in a positive way.

My point is also not scientific. Science nowadays tells us that we are living in a humongous Universe and hence we are just trifle on this magnitude. May be we are and may be we are not. May be we hold some special place in the scheme of Universe and future will reveal us the truth. I am as I pointed out before, discussing and writing about the immaturity that most of us humans carry till their graves. Instead of thinking one to be the centre of the Universe , one should try to come in the centre of life that one is living. If everyone does it, then world will be a better place. Everyone can come in the centre of his own life and this positioning will never clash because everyone has his own life and in a way his small “Life Universe”. There can’t be any collision this way. In former way as that big Universe is one, everyone is on collision course with every other to be in the centre and hence so much strife in the world. Hope I made my point clear.

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