(Resurrection) What India can learn from Germany and Japan?

Germany, Japan and Italy were the Axis Powers in the World War II. The Allied Powers were Britain, France and United States of America. We all know that Allied Powers won the war.

One of the axis powers Japan was more or less destroyed in the war but like a Phoenix it rose from the ashes. Another country which has shown this supreme power of rising every time is Germany. It also developed as a thriving nation after destruction in World War 2.

India though of a different character can learn a lot from these two countries. India has tremendous potential to rise from the slumber that she is in. We are definitely becoming more awake and arising from this deep sleep but the progress is very slow and gradual. We have got the wherewithal to be a superpower and all indicators are pointing towards the fact that we are going to be somehow but with many hiccups and brakes. We are developing for sure and becoming a developed country. India can pull it off.

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