If You Want to be Happy, Try Being Less Critical And More Understanding

Many people are so critical of others that they surely miss the chance of being in a blissful existence. Criticality as a second nature is there in many people and I think it is one of the hallmarks of an unhappy person. Being critical takes you away from the many moments that you could have just laughed away. Laughing merrily on such moments you have created a moment of joy for you and a memory to visit in the future to enjoy. Life consists of such merry moments when someone dropped a bottle and instead of being critical, you enjoyed the scene and made the person who dropped it also a little assured of himself. There is no point in becoming critical of such small incidents

Dale Carnegie in his wonderful book – “How to win friends and influence people” exhorts readers to “Allow others to save face” in incidents like this. When we are not critical of others in these cases, other people actually register it in their mind that this particular person allowed them to save face. Slowly it builds trust in the minds which is very necessary in these trying times of ours. Life should not be made hell for others just because they made a silly mistake.

“To err is human, to forgive is divine”.

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