My 2% Rule

Many people are very cynical and critical of all the incidences that happen in their lives. If someone steps on their feet in a theatre hall, they will cynically think that the other person must have done it deliberately. If they collide with someone on a busy street, they will presume that the other person played a mischief on them. I am not saying that there are no people who do this but on an average, these incidences are low and inadvertent mistakes are more. Most of the time people don’t do these things deliberately. They do this all by mistake. I like to think that only in the 2% cases someone plays a mischief on us and in 98% cases, it is all by mistake. There is no point being cynical for 100% of the cases when it is only 2% cases where someone is playing mischief on us. This is my 2% rule. I always remind me that in most of the cases it is just a mistake.

I have found people who are less cynical to be happier and they move on with their activities after such incidences. On the other hand, cynical people keep on brooding over these and think of all sort of bad things happening to them all the time. This is not a good way to live.

Definitely, I will or anyone else will love to have the sound judgement so that he may know when the incident was a mistake or a deliberate mischief but such sound judgment is not easy to come by. So, one should practically just think that only in few cases other person is playing a mischief on him or her and in most of the cases it is just an inadvertent mistake. This assertion is most likely to be true and it can make us free of many a days of consternation and pain.

Thank you to all of you for reading.

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