The Hazardous Habit of Drinking Cold Drinks, Some Ways to Come Out of The Addiction

Cold drinks have become a thing of daily consumption for many people. People serve them in parties, at home to their guests and drink these drinks on every nook and corner of this country. The cold drink companies are constantly advertising these fizzy drinks through television, social media and cinema. These drinks are real health hazards. Even then we are not able to let go of the habits of consuming these drinks. I am myself trying a lot to come out of this habit and I am having some roaring success.

In India, Pepsico has linked their line of drinks to the Indian Cricket team. In India, Cricket is the most popular sport. Similarly, they have roped in many film stars. Coca Cola has also brought in (read bought in) film stars and cricketers to sell this stale water. These drinks are also popular in India because of her hot weather. Seemingly, these drinks give respite to the drinkers but the relief is actually temporary and for a few hours at most. On the other hand, the havoc these drinks make with health of the consumers is huge. A regular consumer will feel tired most of the time and also may become overweight. Many chemicals in these drinks are considered carcinogenic.

If one knows and realises the associative advertising of these drinks, then maybe this person can refrain from drinking them because factual knowledge is a great tool to develop good habits and shed bad ones. If one constantly reminds him of these cunning advertising strategies, then he may be able to come out of the addiction. We should know the fact that associations in our mind trigger cravings and feelings to consume these drinks. We should know that association of these drinks with cricketers and Bollywood is one of the reason for the addiction.

One habit I have developed is of consuming enough water to quench my thirst immediately when I feel a craving for soft drinks. We have associated a real thirst for water in our minds with a craving for cold drinks and this has been due to all marketing strategies of these companies. If you quench your thirst with water, then you don’t need to drink soft drinks after that. We know that Coca Cola had developed a business strategy when it wanted people to reach for Coke instead of water, juice and other drinks. Many of these strategies have also been duplicated by Pepsico. In a way, our natural bodily need for pure water is being converted to cravings for these unhealthy drinks.

A few months back, Ronaldo urged his fans to drink water and refrain from these drinks in a nice gesture when he remove Coke bottles from the table and showed us the water bottle. In India, we hoped that such gestures would be replicated by the likes of Virat Kohli and others but it was all a hope in vain. Indian celebrities will give you ample amount of advice on Diwali crackers and Holi colors but they themselves become weak in knees and character when they see dollars. It is our burden that we have to keep players like Virat Kohli in team who are underplaying like hell but expecting that these celebrities will be a role model for youths, adolescents and kids in our country is foolishness, at least for now.

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