See Problems As Challenges to be Accepted And Overcome them

Human mind is wonderful. What we feed this mind with is the ultimate thing which will decide how our future will unfold. Another point is we can change our life by changing the attitudes of our minds. This statement was given to us by the great American psychologist William James. One such change of attitude can be with regards to problems. We consider problems as things we have to keep on teeming with. We don’t think of problems as things which are needed to make this life interesting and worth living. If we had no problems, will we be enjoying this life. May be not.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that these are not problems which we have to constantly teem with. Rather these are challenges which we have to meet to rise in life. Norman Vincent Peale, in his wonderful bestselling book – “The Power of Positive Thinking” gives a nice way to describe this. He says reverse the word – teem and make it – meet. Instead of saying I am constantly “teeming” with problems, say I am “meeting” challenges as they come. As a human, we are born to meet challenges and rising above them. Humans have done it every time in history.

Seeing problems as ‘challenges’ invigorates us because humans are naturally adventurous. Using the word ‘problems’, creates neurotic mind. We need to feed our mind with words and thoughts which are strength-giving instead of strength-depleting.

A weak mind sees every problem as blockage. An average mind keeps on teeming with these problems, solving some of them and living life in constant tension. A strong mind sees every problems as stepping stones and this is done by thinking of them as challenges. Every problem can be made a step on a ladder to even better life. Actually this is what successful people have done in their lives.

Another great word correction mentioned in Peale’s book was to change “no” to “on”. Instead of thinking “no”, change it to “on” and live a charged life.

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