India – The Nation That Boasts of Tremendous Youth Power

India is a young country, not in the sense that we got our freedom only 75 years ago on the 15th of August, 1947 but because 65% of our population is below 35 years of age. The talk of India being only 75 years of age is an erroneous one as this is the only major continuing civilisation. Despite many strains, this civilization hasn’t seen a break. What this young country actually wants? What do the youths of this country actually want? They want a leader, a true leader and this leader must himself be a youth. In my opinion, he should be around 40 years of age, not more than that.

If only we can have that leader who will channelise the tremendous power of youth of our country and take it to unimaginable heights.

Swami Vivekanand so many years ago gave a clarion call to the youths of the country. I think the time has come for its fruition. India will emerge, emerge from the shadows of underdevelopment, from poverty, from slumber, from diseases and underemployment and the youth of this country will make it happen. They will solve all the problems of the country with their energy and imaginative minds.

India’s time has arrived.

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