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(Resurrection) What India can learn from Germany and Japan?

Germany, Japan and Italy were the Axis Powers in the World War II. The Allied Powers were Britain, France and United States of America. We all know that Allied Powers won the war.

One of the axis powers Japan was more or less destroyed in the war but like a Phoenix it rose from the ashes. Another country which has shown this supreme power of rising everytime is Germany. It also developed as a thriving nation after destruction in World War 2.

India though of a different character can learn a lot from these two countries. India has tremendous potential to rise from the slumber that she is in. We are definitely becoming more awake and arising from this deep sleep but the progress is very slow and gradual. We have got the wherewithal to be a superpower and all indicators are pointing towards the fact that we are going to be somehow but with many hiccups and brakes. We are developing for sure and becoming a developed country. India can pull it off.

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Don’t Try to be the Centre of Universe, Instead Try to be in the Centre of Your Own Life

When a child is born, she considers her to be the centre of the Universe. She thinks that the Universe revolves round her. Some people when they grow mature start understanding and realizing that the Universe doesn’t definitely revolves around them and they change their mindset. Nevertheless, there are many people who never reach even this level of maturity. They live their lives and transact all their lives thinking that the Universe must revolve round them. These people become a pain in the ass for other people and also for themselves.

Thinking that you are the centre of the Universe gives only pain to you and the people around you. We must have understanding, humility and humbleness to recognise this fact that there are more than 8 billion people in earth alone. Who knows may be there are many alien races out there? The expanse of the Universe is so great. I am not saying that a human is not powerful. In my view, a human being is infinite. My contention against considering ourselves to be the centre of Universe is philosophical, psychological and spiritual. I actually believe in the maxim that – “We are not a drop in the ocean but a ocean in a drop”. Actually, I am singling out the selfishness we are born with and we consider that Universe has to comply with all our selfish needs. Yes, we can have real needs. Even getting a big house or a good car is not that much of a selfish need if the person is mature enough. The problem is many people are actually grabbing things to fulfil their selfish wants without maturing enough to realise that it may hurt others and also that there are better means and ways to aquire things.

Maturity is to develop a prosperity mindedness and believing that there is enough for everyone in this world. Such broadmindedness is needed to live with peace and happiness. A self-serving person cannot really be happy. People who have shared with others have found the real happiness and they are more contented. People are more responsive to them in a positive way.

My point is also not scientific. Science nowadays tells us that we are living in a humongous Universe and hence we are just trifle on this magnitude. May be we are and may be we are not. May be we hold some special place in the scheme of Universe and future will reveal us the truth. I am as I pointed out before, discussing and writing about the immaturity that most of us humans carry till their graves. Instead of thinking one to be the centre of the Universe , one should try to come in the centre of life that one is living. If everyone does it, then world will be a better place. Everyone can come in the centre of his own life and this positioning will never clash because everyone has his own life and in a way his small “Life Universe”. There can’t be any collision this way. In former way as that big Universe is one, everyone is on collision course with every other to be in the centre and hence so much strife in the world. Hope I made my point clear.

Thank you

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Identifying Opportunities and Using it Can be Done Only By Those Who Are Ready For It

Most people live life as if they have been given bad breaks by the Providence. Only a few of the gutsy individuals always remain on the look-out for good opportunities. Some even believe in creating their own opportunities.

What is life if not a series of opportunities? Every day brings immense opportunities for people with the right mindset. One must develop a mindset that opportunities may be found anywhere, and he must be ready for it. Making oneself ready for the opportunities is the task that one should undertake if one wishes to make use of these opportunities. Otherwise, these opportunities will pass them by, maybe even without notice.

There have been many instances when a person who was ready for the opportunities made full use of them. There have been people who reached great heights just because they were able to use opportunities to their full advantage. These people were keen observers. They were able to spot the opportunities where other people could see only obstacles. Being able to see opportunities in the midst of obstacles is one such key skills that can make anyone a millionaire or successful in any other way. In this field, there is no competition what to talk of less competition.

Isn’t every day an opportunity to learn more, to do better and become more positive. Isn’t every second is an opportunity to be a better human being. Isn’t every minute is an opportunity to think better, to be more happy. Every moment of life is an opportunity. Every day brings with it a new sunshine. We have to look towards the sunshine and let the shadows fall behind. Life is itself a series of opportunities, but we need to change our outlook to identify these opportunities.


Arjuna’s dilemma and Krishna’s rebuke – One of my learnings from Bhagwad Gita

On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna dropped his Gandiva and with a bereaved heart, tears-filled eyes and folded hands said – “shall not fight”. Krishna rebuked him – “how has this cowardice entered thee?”

Krishna is not talking about the cowardice of not fighting a war here. Krishna is talking about the cowardice of not following through on his duties which Arjuna may have himself selected. Even if he has not selected the duty and karma that has fallen into his lap, he should have dropped his Gandiva not on the land of Kurukshetra. He could have shunned war before war started but doing it in the battlefield is a sure sign of cowardice and stupidity. He should have known before the war started whether he wants the kingdom of Hastinapur or not. He could have taken a vow of non-violence then before the war started. This would have at least saved him the ignominy of cowardice and the sin of killing his relatives.

Similar is the case with people starting a new job. A person should decide beforehand whether this job is for him or not. Showing cowardice after he joins his job is not a nice thing. He should at least try for the respectful exit after fighting and not the cowardice of not fighting just when the job has started.

Gmail, Tricks and Techniques

How can you make space in Gmail by deleting promotional and social emails?

Recently, I faced a problem. My Gmail memory space had become full. I solved this problem by deleting the emails from the Social and Promotional folder in my Inbox. Now, many people will not know how to select all the emails from a folder aka Social or Promotional. Actually, it is very simple to select all the emails and delete them in one go.

Please follow the steps as follows:

  1. Click on the Social folder tab in Inbox.
  2. We know there is a checkbox before every email. Also, there is a checkbox for selecting all the emails on that page. Click on this checkbox.
  3. You will find a message – “All the hundred conversations on this page are selected”. Next to it you will find – “Select all 18,149 conversations in Social”. Click on it.
  4. Then you will find a message – “All 18,149 conversations in Social are selected”.
  5. Click on the delete icon to delete.
  6. It will ask a confirmation, click OK.

It will take some time and all the emails in Social folder will be deleted.


How can there be a single untruth in this world, when God is the creator?

We believe God created this universe. The God we believe in is all-powerful, completely merciful and fully benign. In spite of this we find evil in this world. This question plagued my mind from my childhood.

The answer I found is there is actually no evil in this world. We see evil in this world because we are blinded by our ignorance which is known by Maya in Hinduism.

There is a shlok in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita – Asat ka to astitva hee nahi hai, aur sat ka a abhav nahi hai. So, there isn’t a sliver of untruth in this world. Untruth doesn’t exist, only truth exists.

Listening Skills, Personal Development

Here are the Benefits of Developing Good Listening Skills

We have been given two ears and one mouth by the providence. It is said that one must listen twice as much as one speaks, therefore. Most people talk about things which they are good at. They have thought about these things before. They have learnt these things by ruminating in their minds and have refined these topics. Therefore, it is great to listen more because you are listening to refined thoughts that have immense value. Contrarily, if you are only a talker, you are sharing your refined thoughts with others and not listening to theirs. Therefore, you are losing on a great learning opportunity.

One caution that I shall like to put here is that people talk about a particular situation and may not be talking about things which can be applied in every situation. So, one has to be discerning in applying these learnings. Nevertheless, this learning comes of itself when one listens properly and with discernment and empathy.

Most people don’t listen. They are making their responses when they are listening. This way, they have already lost the opportunity to learn something new. Moreover, their impulsivity to just blabber about themselves and their thoughts, don’t allow them to develop good relationships with others.

In his magnificent autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom”, Nelson Mandela describes the listening ability of a regent who was the leader of the tribe. Whenever a conference used to take place with other chieftains, the regent will listen with great patience to them and will always reply when everyone else had finished. Nelson Mandela learned early on this to be a potent capability of effective leaders.

Listening to others is excruciatingly difficult in the starting phase because one has to go against human nature. Only with consistent practice can one become good at it.

Without listening to others properly, a leader cannot understand the problem and therefore cannot solve the problems. Patience gives understanding whether it is patient reading, patient listening or patiently tolerating the vicissitudes of life. Without understanding, life cannot be lived to its higher levels. Everyone may not know everything but everyone knows something which we are not that much good at. In this way, we can learn many things from others.

Listening skills also make us sober and allow us to put ourselves in the place of others, to see their struggles and challenges. This helps both us and others. We learn that we don’t own all the problems in the world. The other person feels heard and connected to us. Without proper listening, we cannot develop compassion for the challenges and struggles of others. We stop becoming the centre of the universe and start to partake in the constructive works this world is beckoning us for. We also become enveloped in calmness, courage and resoluteness. The best part is that it is all free. Not a dime is needed for reaping all the benefits.

One should strive to listen more. There is no need to blurt out your thoughts when other hasn’t even finished his sentence. If you are patient in your talks, sensible people will be patient with you even if you take more time. The use of talks is not just in talking but to learn something, to make good relations with others and be a sharer in the happiness and sadness of others. It is being said that “listen in such a way that others want to talk to you and talk in such a way that others want to listen to you.”

With these thoughts, I take leave. Live, love and make a difference.

Tricks and Techniques, Word Tricks and Techniques

Using Find and Replace to Delete Certain Patterns of Words from the Word Document

Few days before, needing to remove certain pattern of words from a MS Word document, I came across a wonderful idea. Every line had two words in the starting followed by a space and a “(“. I opened the “Find and Replace” option by using shortcut key “Ctrl + H”and checked on the “Use Wildcards” option. In “Find” textbox, I entered “(*)[(]”. Entering nothing in “Replace With” textbox, I pressed the “Replace All” button and phew! The pattern was removed from the starting of all the lines.

Find and Replace is a great way to make changes in a Word Document without having to do it manually on every occurrence if they follow a certain pattern. It is one of the examples of smart work and saves a lot of time and effort.

Personal Development, Willpower

When Willpower Doesn’t Work …

Willpower is definitely the ultimate power. A man possessed of immense willpower can work wonders not just in his life but in life of others as well. Everyone has some willpower but most people don’t have that in great amount. There are very few people who possess forceful willpower. When the reliance on willpower is not working in your life, then one must resort to other means in the meanwhile.

Life is not just one thing. There are many traits that a person must have to be successful. Many times people rely on their hard work and willpower. These are ultimate powers but constant focus on them and constant failures because of not being able to use these traits create frustrations and depression.

Let’s say one wants to study a lot for an entrance examination but his willpower is such that he is studying very little. Constantly thinking in mind that one has low willpower may create a situation in which the person may not even utilize the little he has. One of the solutions to this challenge can be to make the subject interesting. He may make it a fun thing to do. He may take breaks. Playing music while studying can be tried. Studying with a group has helped many. One may use colourful notes and interesting props. Anything that suits one. I know that a lot of us know these strategies but a few among us remain stuck in mental rut of using only hard work and willpower.

Many times the problem is not of willpower. It can be one’s mental quirk. When one knows himself well and knows which things work for him, he can cruise along at an optimum speed. Will power is also like a muscle. We have to constantly keep at our work, and as a result we develop enough willpower muscle. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that one should focus solely on developing willpower. Willpower like any other thing will take time to become strong. In the meanwhile, results are needed. So one should work on other strategies to get the results.

Take care.

Personal Development

The Pleasure Of Junk Food Leads To Pain Later

The junk food culture has literally taken over the world. Pizzas, burgers, fuzzy drinks etc are like the escape for many people to make up for their unhappy lives. It has been said we crave junk food because these foods give temporary pleasure that every person craves for.

There is a principle of pleasure and pain. Humans tend to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. Nevertheless, there are some pleasures that lead to pain later. There are some pains that lead to pleasure later. Working hard at studies is one such pain. Working out in gym is another one. Similarly, having junk food is a type of pleasure that leads to pain later.

Only humans have the intelligence to make right choices. We humans can discipline ourselves in the present to enhance our enjoyment in the future. We humans can take some temporary pain in the present to enhance our pleasure in the future. We can also forgo some pleasure in the present to avoid pain in the future.

Using the discipline of taking some temporary pain or forgoing pleasure in the present, we can make our lives better. Most people with good jobs later have been good students. They worked hard initially. Similarly, the people with near-perfect bodies forgo the pleasure of junk food to make themselves fit later. It is another matter that they advertise these junk foods later for money.

We also feel better when we use our discipline muscle. Even a five minutes of discipline releases feel good chemicals in our brains and our mind feels good. We need to strive to get this happiness and feel-good of discipline rather than indulging in things like junk food or too much of social media.

If we want to feel energetic in our bodies, we need to remove junk food from our eating lists. It is much better to take care of our diet, but we can start by not having junk food and doing some exercise daily.

Thanks for reading and have a happy life.